The No-Bump Bobble
Mini Spiral Cable Bobbles - 5 Pack

Mini Spiral Cable Bobbles - 5 Pack

Spiral Cable Bobbles are a brand new addition to the No-Bump Bobble range and they're now available in a smaller size perfect for using on the fine and fragile hair of your little one! 

Created from flexible plastic and designed to wrap around the hair, these bobbles are perfect for holding a number of hairstyles in place without causing any additional and unnecessary damage to the hair. These bobbles lock the hair into place meaning that they provide a stronger hold for a number of hair styles.

As with all of our bobbles, our new Spiral Cable bobbles cause significantly less of a bump in your hair when compared to ordinary elastic bobbles! These 5 eye catching colours will be perfect for all occasions and the best thing is that they stretch out to securely wrap around your hair and then snap back into shape once they've been worn!

Contained within this multipack will be a random selection of 5 of our Spiral Cable Bobbles that have been hand picked just for you! With a range of different vibrant colours and finishes available, you're bound to recieve a cute and quirky selection of our latest product launch!

This new smaller and thinner bobble size is perfect for using on either the extremely fine and fragile hair of a child or to even be used on adult hair for securing hairstyles such as plaits in place on warm summers days. Will you let us surprise you with a random mix?!

Please note that there will be some variations between the colour of the bobbles you receive compared to the ones pictured above, as they will be selected for you at random. You will receive a mixture of 5 of these bobbles all ranging in colour. Although these bobbles do return back to their original shape, once they have been worn a certain number of times and have been stretched to their up most capacity, the bobbles will not return to their original shape.