The No-Bump Bobble


The No-Bump Bobble is a bobble that is bump free, snag free and kind to hair. Each bobble is lovingly handmade out of high quality durable fabric that is available in a vast range of colours. 

Are you sick of having to tie your back during the day only to discover that you now have a huge bump in the back of what was your perfectly straight hair? Are you looking for a fun bobble to wear to the gym? Are you fed up of having to buy boring bobbles for your little one? THEN YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! 

For £3* plus the cost of postage and packaging, you can pick 'n' mix a bundle of 5 of our standard bobbles in whatever colour you wish. Whether you want to choose 5 of the same colour or all different, it's up to you - have fun!!

*Please Note: Some of our bobbles do incur an additional charge. The price of each individual bobble is listed, along with a photo and description of the product. 



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